ReBooks Crowdfunding campaign has gone live!

A social business with a heart!
All profits go towards funding non-gov refugee literacy programs. So show your support and pledge to get this amazing initiative off the ground!

  • ReBOOKS is an exciting NEW social enterprise that uses 100% of its profits to help improve literacy rates for refugees in Australia.

  • The social objective of ReBOOKS is to use 100% of its profits to improve the literacy rates of the refugee and migrant population in Australia. Therefore, at ReBOOKS, we want to utilise the power and value of the collective to create a self-sustainable social business that motivates worldwide social, environmental and economic development.

  • ReBOOKS is a social enterprise aimed at improving the literacy rates amongst Australia’s refugee and migrant population.

  • ReBOOKS is a commercially sustainable company that brings businesses, consumers, NGOs and society together to improve local literacy. The enterprise will achieve its vision by using all profits to facilitate the donation of books, and other educational resources, to fund literacy initiatives aimed at Australia’s refugee and migrant population. Hence, all profits will be used to educate, inspire, and improve the lives of refugee and migrants living in Australia.